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    You can use the free application Onyx for maintenance of your computer.


    Once in awhile you can do a Secure restart by press down the Shift key when you hear the stating chime. Keep it pressed until you see a bar emerging on the screen. Secure start do also delete some unnecessary cache files. Try Pages and see if it works now.

  • twenty61 Level 1 (0 points) still does not work ;-(

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    I know your pain.  I found a file I had exported into Word..... so I have something to build off of... but it blows because it looks like I've lost over 500 pages of data and 100,000 + words..... I feel like I'm at the recieving end of a Microsoft Product.  I can't believe they haven't issued some kind of fix.  I don't understand all that's generated with the crash report but I'm guessing the program is having issues dealing with large files..... which is insane because 30MB is not really a large file per se.  I'm going to download the 9.3 update off the site and trying reinstalling that as a kind of last ditch effort.  I'll report back with the results.... good... or most likely ... BAD.  UGH!!

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    Well..... same deal.  Reinstalled the update and no change.  I wish there were a way to remove the update so I could work on this file again. 

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    OMG.... that worked Fruhulda.  I wasn't too keen on downloading and installing a program I had never heard of before.... but after I cleared enough of the caches I'm back in business.  Thank you gain for posting the link to Onyx.  I love apple once again.....LOL

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    2061.... It's working again.....!!!


    At the top of the second page of this discussion Fruhulda posted a link to a free program called Onyx.  I wasn't keen at all on trying it as the site wasn't in the states and I had never heard of it before.  but as I was so desperate I relented and installed worked....


    Follow that link and then download the program. 


    I may or may not have done this all in the correct order but here's what I did.  There are several main menu items ... what I used primarily were the options in the "Cleaning" menu.  When you click on that you'll see a second menu of items that appear.  I started out with "Fonts" since I had read on one site that if you deleted all the font caches that it could clear up some of these problems.  In each case I just left the selection of what caches to delete checked as they are by default.  After doing each one of these I restarted my computer and ran "repair permissions" in the disk utility.  My guess is that if you do all of these and then you repair permissions then you'll be fine, but know that most of these will require you to reboot your machine.



    -User (all three of these required reboots)




    Each time I did one of these cache clearings I tried to fire Pages back up with the file that was giving me issues.  Once I had done all that was listed above then Wammo.... IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!  It took forever for it to reopen the offending file the first time but I think that's because it was building up all the info for the stats I have selected at the bottom of the page.  All 2357 pages and 695,794 words.....LOL.  Anyway, I hope this get's you working again.  Looks like I'm back in business thanks to Fruhulda and Onyx. 


    Take care

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    I was all excited after your great news did not work for me ;-(...still waiting to hear from the iWork team at Apple....twiddling my thumbs...what's a decent alternative to Pages...I really need to get into my documents...

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    Awe man.... total bummer.   There's one last thing I did do that I didn't put on there.  Do you know how to access the terminal?  And do you know how to make your computer show hidden files?

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    Actually it wasn't the last thing but the first thing.

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    Actually... you don't need to use terminal to show the hidden files.... there's an easier way.  Fruhulda to the rescue yet again.  Okay..... try this if you haven't already.  Some of this should have been deleted when you ran Onyx but maybe not.  What I did prior to running Onyx was delete the entire Cache folder in the user library. 


    Now by the looks of it you're using 10.8 while I'm still using 10.7.  But give this a try.  Open a finder window and then click on "Go" in the top menu while holding down the "Option" key.  You'll see a folder called "Library" in the listing.  Try clicking with and without the option key and you'll see it come and go.  Anyway... select the Library and it should come up in the finder window.  You'll see a whole slew of folders.  This is not the system libarary directory that you can see by default... but the library directory for your username which is usually hidden. 


    In this list of folders/directories you'll see one called "cache".... delete the whole thing.  Don't worry about anything inside as the system will recreate it when you restart your machine.  This was one of the first things I did.... but I did what was called a "secure" delete.  In other words you hold down the command key when you drag the folder to the trash.  Doing the secure delete took my machine a couple hours to do as there were close to 20,000 files in there so it took it a while to write over everything as it did the "secure delete".  You could probabably skip the secure delete but it's what I had done initially. 


    Give that a try.... reboot, run repair permissions in the disk utility and see what happens.


    Last thing.... did you wait for the program to totally crash before force quitting it?  I thought for sure that running Onyx didn't do crap.... opening the file the first time took forever, and it looked like it was going to crash Pages just like it did before.... and then finally, w/o warning it kept running.....LOL.


    Let me know if this last proceedure that I also did makes it work or not.  

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    Happy feeling gone... I shut down Pages thinking all was safe and sound, and to test to see if it would work as it should.  So I quit pages and then hit the icon for it in the doc..... freaking crashed the stinking application.  So I go to restart it yet again but w/o reopening the windows (two documents... a one pager cover letter and the massive doc I've been having issues with).... so the application opens/starts. I then go to select the problem file... and WOW... it totally FREAKING CRASHED THE WHOLE STINKING OPERATING SYSTEM. 


    I have been using OSX since 10.0 beta.... and up until tonight I had only experienced 3 system crashes.  All 3 of those were with the beta version and first out of the box versions of OS X.  But tonight guess what the wonderful programmers of Pages have enabled.... system wide crash number 4..... I feel like I'm using Microsoft product all of a sudden.  What in the **** did they do to this program?

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    ;(...i contacted the iWork team about the progress of my enquiry and this is their answer:



    It's still being investigated.  I've forwarded over to one of the Pages engineers to look at. 


    If they do find that the issue is a bug, it will be addressed in the next update.


    Thanks for your help in making our products better!


    Sigh, I am actually trying to get your products to work ;-) What happens if it is not a bug? and how long until the next update?


    Happy New (Pageless) Year everyone ;-)

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    2061,  Their answer completely blows.  I've been searching how to uninstall and reinstall Pages in the forum...and funny enough... I run into yet more people having similar issues with Pages as you and I are.  This is so below par for Apple.  I'm going to ping Mac Rumors and see if they can do a story on this, and maybe if someone has found an actual fix it can be posted.  I'll let you know if I hear back from them.  Or better them too... along with any other Mac Rumors and Tech kind of site.

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    More from the iWork team:


    I'm sorry to hear about this and I recommend two options:

    1) take your computer to the nearest Apple Store (make an appointment with a Genius first) and have them look at it.

    2) Call Apple support and see if they can help you over the phone.


    My role is more of looking for issues that customers are experiencing and reporting this back to the engineering team.  It's not really support but more of a proactive way for us to look at real world issues.


    Thanks for your patience.


    I am confounded by the words GENIUS (who is a Genius?) PROACTIVE (for whom and for what purpose?) REAL WORLD ISSUES (instead of?) ;-)


    I am on holiday now: As a genius in my field, I have decided to take a proactive approach to real world issues. ;-)

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    You see it's all about thinking "outside the box" (of reality).  In order to properly quantify the true synergy behind this person's answer you must be able to fathom the gestalt of it.  In leu of an actual answer that a mere common human being might understand, might you not actually be much better off understanding that no answer is better than any answer squared?


    As a professional Genius myself, I can see through this haze and straight into the mud behind it.  Rub two sticks together and you too can be a Genius.


    It doesn't sound like you're talking to tech support any more.... but PR.... or someone fresh off the Obama campaign.


    Sounds like they're going into a CYA (Cover ur a$$) mode. 


    Someone screwd up something.  Most of the people posting about this issue are well aware of some of the simple maint. required to keep our macs healthy and happy.  And the fact that I am experiencing zero other problems with my machine, as is probably the same with you, just confirms that update 9.3 may in fact be some kind of spawn of Satan...:)


    Oh... I did shoot an email to one of the editors of Mac Rumors, still no response yet.... will go and shoot a similar message to someone at Apple Insider. 


    I really hate when companies feel the need to do this.  Just grow a pair, be honest and say something is not right and you're working on it with a periodic status update.  Pages is the only app on my computer... out of the 107+(not including the utilities) on my computer giving me a headache.  I probably use 60% of those applications on a semi-regular basis and aside from Adobe CS5 doing something odd every now and then.... most everything is rock solid.


    Watch.... they'll soon release Update 9.4 as a fix to 9.3 which had a hidden flaw because someone was distraugt and forgot to create 9.2, which is what 9.3 should have been because the update prior to 9.3 was 9.1.  You know... like the time NASA sent that probe to Mars and someone mixed up and used Metric measurements instead of imperial, in NASA's case the probe went head first at high speed into the Martian ground, we should feel lucky that it's just crashing our computers and limiting access to our work, so it's like almost nothing (shift blame).