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  • Cheryl CK Level 1 (0 points)

    What a mess.


    I have this problem also, but it is only songs that were added to a playlist and then, only 1/2 the songs with no apparent pattern.
       - I added 1100 songs to the playlist and about 1/2 of them changed the ratings


    Some changes were 1 star songs that changed to 3 or 4 or 5 star songs; some 5 star songs that dropped to 3 or 2 star songs.


    No pattern between artist, cd record or itunes store purchase, date added, played or not played before adding to the playlist, another song from that album...on and on.


    Anyone know what is causing this and how to stop it?

  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)



    There was no apparent pattern in with the ratings changes in mine either. With me it happened shortly after upgrading to itTunes 11.0. It hasn't happened again after the fairly quick update to 11.0.1, so I was hoping it included a fix. What version are you running?


    Do you have a Time Machine backup to restore your iTunes Library file from?



  • Cheryl CK Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi John,


    Its not that straight forward for us; we have to chose the lesser of two evils to restore the ratings.

    I have a copy of the itunes library on a Time Machine backup although work has been done on the library since the upgrade to itunes 11 so I can't restore and get back to clean completely.

    I also have a clean copy on an external disc (I do this at month end every month and put it in the safe deposit box) so I know I can get back to prior to itunes 11 and just have to recreate activity since then.


    This is really my husbands "baby". He does a music blog "the perfect ipod collection" and has over 9500 individually chosen, recorded or purchsed and rated songs. He's been doing this and blogging about the top artists and their songs that make up what he considers the perfect ipod collection since early 2009. We discovered the problem because I created a playlist for my gym workouts in his collection to load just that playlist onto my workout itty ipod. We noticed the ratings problem shortly I finished my playlist and coincidently, it was only for about 1/2 the songs that I moved into the playlist. So I have set out to figure out what is wrong and exonerate myself from messing up his "baby".  Keep in mind, I am the more techie of the two of us.


    So at this point, our choice is to just manually correct the songs having the "old" version up on the laptop and the "new, wrong" version up on the desktop while we correct. It really goes fast with two people doing it.


    I am reluctant to go thru all the work, however, until I know it isn't going to just throw out more incorrect ratings again. I haven't found anyone that has been able to absolutely isolate the trigger.  Have you?



  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)

    Sorry about the delay in responding. For some reason, Gmail decided a couple of weeks ago that Apple Discussion Forum notices were spam.


    I never did isolate the trigger. For me, it roughly coincided with the release of 11.0.0, so I assumed/hoped that the quickly released 11.0.1 included a fix. I have not had a reoccurence.


    If you're looking for triggers, though, I'd suspect a problem in the syncing of ratings between multiple devices. In the same December time-frame I had my problem, I had added my Mac mini, while continuning to sync my iTunes library with an iPod nano (7th gen), occasionally an iPod 30GB (5th Gen - late 2005), and, via iTunes match with an iPad. I sometimes make ratings changes on all of the devices, and the ratings propagate through iCloud to all the devices (following a sync where required).


    At this point, I've mostly eliminated the PC from the equation, though I open iTunes on it occasionally to keep its library up to date.



  • marcio102 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Itunes changed the rating for my songs randomly in september, I suspect after upgrading to iTunes 11. I am on a Mac running the latest OS X and I don't use itunes Match and sync by cable my iPhone and iPod nano every week. I was able to restore my iTunes library without the random ratings with my time machine and it works, but after syncronizing with the iPhone with get's messed up again. So I deleted my music from my iPhone and tried everything again and it didn't work, after syncing it messes up again. The last hope is to restore my music library with the correct ratings and restore my iPhone so when I sync then it will be with and restore iPhone but i am trying everything before such a radical attempt that might not work. Any ideias? How can I know this problem wont happen again?



  • Chris Milligan Level 1 (10 points)

    Has anyone figured out why this is happening? How does something like this happen?? Talk about a major bug and a real annoyance, to have your song ratings randomly changed!

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