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After updating to iTunes 11 I'm experiencing a bug with the star-rating system in the new album view. When I give a rating to a song within an album, sometimes this rating will be given to another song as well, without selecting it.


I.e.; if I give a 5 star rating to track 3 in album view, track 7 also gets this rating although I did not select this track. This happens randomly and does not appear to be following a pattern.


Other people are also experiencing this problem. Is it on the bug-list, or is there a quick fix available? Someone made a YouTube video showing the problem;



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • im0not Level 1 (5 points)

    I have almost the same bug on Mountain Lion!

  • MrvdG Level 1 (10 points)

    In iTunes 11 for Windows (Vista64), this bug also seems to affect situations in which part of an album's songs had been rated, others hadn't. After the upgrade to iTunes 11, I noticed that previously unrated songs suddenly had ratings attached to them and as a result showed up in smart playlists that were limited to songs with a certain rating. I noticed since suddenly there were a lot of songs showing up in those playlists that had no 'last played date'.

  • MrvdG Level 1 (10 points)

    Even worse, existing ratings have been altered. I have 5-star songs that suddenly have become 3-star songs and vice versa. I also see songs that had a rating, but now have none. In short, the entire rating system is completely messed up. Big issue for me, as my playlists are all based on rating. And needless to say, I'd hate to go back and spend hours and hours on fixing the ratings for all songs.

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    I saw a tip. Turn off crossfading between songs.

  • im0not Level 1 (5 points)

    As i can see, this problem was resolved in update 11.0.1

  • Dudikowski Level 1 (0 points)

    Where did you see that?


    It was the first thing I tested after updating and I still have the problem.

  • Guiseppe62 Level 1 (0 points)

    Incorrect.  I have, and ratings are still popping up without being entered.  NOTE:  It always appears to be on a song 5 songs past what is being rated (if I rate song #1, songs #1 and #6 will have the rating appear).

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    using iTunes on XP, fully patched and updated.  Crossfade is off, yet rating are still appearing w/o being entered.

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    What do you mean with "fully patched"? Isn't 11.0.1 available on Windows?


    I saw the crossfade tip at a Mac forum before the update came out so do your own testing with the new version. Maybe they fixed it now.

  • im0not Level 1 (5 points)

    I dont know about Win, because i use MacOS. And few days ago iTunes was updated to 11.0.1. After that i dont have this bug.

  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)

    I noticed the same problem tonight. I upgraded to iTunes 11 on Windows 8 on 11/29, and I also bought a Mac Mini 2012 last week and duplicated my music collection on there downloading via iTunes Match. I noticed tonight when I synced my iPod Nano (7th Gen) for the first time in a few days that my free space jumped a bit. I have a playlist with all of my 4-star and 5-star music on it, so the change caught my eye. I looked through my ratings, and there were entire albums of songs that I hadn't rated yet suddenly rated. Other albums had incorrect ratings.


    I believe it happened in the last two days in iTunes on the Mac Mini, but I can't be positive. I have an 11/29/12 backup iTunes Libary (itl) file on the Windows machine, so in a pinch, I might be able to find a 10.7 version of iTunes, take my PC offline, open the backup library file, and export or print or do something with my ratings, because I have several years of off-and-on effort into those ratings, listening through and manually rating 3,000 of my 5,000+ songs. The downside to everything being linked is that they're now messed up on my iPad, PC, and Mac. (I took my PC offline and opened iTunes, and they're messed up, so it happened before tonight.)

  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)

    I was able to uninstall 11.0.1 on the Win 8 PC, reinstall 10.7, *copy* my 11/29/12 backup iTunes Libary, open it, and I have my ratings back--but only on the PC, and only until I let it connect to the Internet. As soon as enable an Internet connection, and let it phone home, it overwrites the ratings with the messed up ratings. I can at least print the ratings now, although it's 121 pages. (I printed to a PDF so far.)


    I have a ticket opened with Apple for support.


    Question: Is there a way to export and then import the ratings? Perhaps if I clear all the ratings on the Mac tomorrow and let those overwrite my ratings in iTunes Match, I can get the 10.7 ratings back into the cloud.



  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)

    Update: I cleared the ratings on my Mac last night and let everything sync up with the cloud. When I opened iTunes 10.7 on the PC and let it connect to iTunes cleared all my ratings on the PC.


    So I still need to talk to Apple today and see if there's a way to get my older ratings to overwrite the "newer" ratings in the iTunes cloud.

  • John Fenton Level 1 (75 points)

    I fixed the problem today with the help of Apple support:


    0. Backed up iTunes media folders on both my Mac and PC as a precaution.

    1. Downgraded to iTunes 10.7 on PC. (This would not have been necessary if I'd had a backup iTunes 11 library.)

    2. Opened iTunes 10.7 holding down shift key and choosing to open my backup library file (copied to the iTunes folder).

    3. Turned off iTunes Match before it manages to call home and overwrite your local ratings with the iTunes Match ratings.

    4. Went to my Mac Mini and deleted entire music library, electing to also delete the files from iTunes Match.

    5. Wiped all my music from my iPad. Turned off iTunes Match. Turned back on iTunes Match and confirmed an empty library.

    6. Went to PC, turned on iTunes Match and allowed to match music. This worked better than expected, as my "deleted" library was somehow not completely deleted. Matched tracks were matched as expected, but previously uploaded tracks instantly appeared as uploaded after the library was scanned, without being reuploaded.

    7. Restored iTunes library on Mac, by adding the iTunes Media folder back and then turning on iTunes Match.


    Voila ratings restored on both machines.


    If you had just one computer, I think you could delete everything from iTunes Match using the library with the corrupted ratings. Then open the backup library file with iTunes and add everything back to iTunes Match.



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