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Hi, my iPad has no memory left. I can't even upgrade 1to iOS 6.01 as I only have 284mb of memory left.


I purchased extra iCloud storage but not sure how it works.  I have 6.1 gb of photos in the iCloud backup and 7.4gb of storage space left.  If I delete photos from the iPad, will they be deleted from iCloud the next time I back up?  I really don't understand how it works:-(


I have 2 iPhones linked to this account too.  I have photo stream switched off. 



iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Purchasing additional iCloud storage does not provide you with any extra space on your iPad.


    If you delete photos from your iPad, then yes they will be deleted from the backup next time you perform the backup procedure. Consider uploading historic photos to some third-party online storage such as dropbox, you could then delete them from your iPad.