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27" LED Cinema Display, 2010.
Mac Book Pro, 17", Early 2011. OSX, Snow Leopard Version 10.6.8


It all started real well, until i unplugged from the Display this one time to finish up an assignment at a friend's place.

Then, once reconnected, no image ever pops up anymore, but the iSight camera and the speakers still do work.


In my display preferences, it shows that my MBP does not detect a display. How is this possible?
Theres sound coming out of the speakers and the isight camera is working fine! When i do attempt to command it to detect,
nothing ever happens! It's perplexing and frustrating all at the same time!


I took it to the Apple store, assuming it's the display that's problematic only to be proven wrong.
The apple store guy connected it to one of their own display MBPs and boom, the display is at it's glory.
The guy told me it's my MBP that is at fault. He suggested i send my MBP over for fixing but i really do need it
and absolutely have no time to wait (study related) since he told me it could take ages.



Does anybody have a possible solution i can attempt to do by myself ?
I'll only send my MBP off for repairs as a last resort as i do need it around for my studies.

please be specific and informative.


Help me out! :S


Thanks in Advance!

LED Cinema Display (27-inch), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    The camera and audio use the USB connection.  The video uses Mini DisplayPort.  Make sure the Mini DiplayPort plug is the right way round and is pushed all the way in (no metal showing).  It can take some force.  If it still doesn't work, the computer graphics may have failed.  Take it to the store and try it with another display.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. Yep, its pushed in all the way alright, still no detection from my MBP.
    Computer graphics may have failed? Will that be a hardware or software problem?

    Would updating my OS fix that? Preferably i wouldn't wanna upgrade lol

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    Hardware, but first try SMC and PRAM resets.



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    Alright, ill try both.
    But if it really is the computer graphics that have failed, what kind of repair would it need?
    And, any clue as to why or how this happened? I've read of this 'MBP wont detect display' issues, some users end up resorting to spending more $$$ to fix it. Some never found a solution at all.
    it seems like a pretty common problem that people face with Displays, what causes these failures??
    i mean isn't it expected of users to plug and unplug the cinema display frequently?

    Thanks alot Malcolm for your replies and suggestions.

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    The connector is designed for frequent use.  Many users bring their computers to work each day and connect to large displays there.  If you're lucky it might just be some debris in the connector, but it might involve replacing the logic board, which is expensive.


    You can't tell how common a problem it is just from posts here.  If you search for the problem you will find 100% of the results have the problem.

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    You're right, thanks for the explanation.
    I'm not so sure about luck anymore as i have tried both SMC & PRAM resets and nothing changed.
    My MBP still can't detect the display.


    Is there anything else i can do? Or to the Apple store i should go?
    Dang, this *****.