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i bought my ipod shuffle on march 2005.

the last time i charged my shuffle was 2 weeks ago, when the battery died out, i plugged it to my ipod usb charger, there was no response, no blinking with that yellow light.

i thought there might be a problem with the outlet, i tried another electric outlet, it did not work.
then i thought there may be a problem with my ipod charger. i tried my computer's usb 2.0 usb, the computer did not even recognize it, there is no response at all. i can't even see it as a disk.

do you have any idea why my shuffle completely died?


ipod shuffle 1 gig, Windows XP Pro
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    One likely possibility is that your battery has simply expired. There's no recovery possible from that, aside from replacement. Apple does that at a fixed price for all models of iPod which, obviously, makes it a much better deal for a new 5G than for an older iPS.

    A new 512 costs just a bit more, refurbs cost less, offerings on eBay can be quite a bit less (but avoid the Chinese knockoffs you find there).