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Hi all. I have a problem with a MacbookPro (OSx 10.6.8, fully updated) and Outlook 2011 (14.2.5, fully updated) using an account on a Exchange 2010 server.


Mails sent directly the users e-mail address, is delivered to a local Inbox and is therefore removed from the Exchange inbox. This is a problem, because the user is also accessing the mailbox from iPad and iPhone. There are no rules at all in the Outlook settings. The mail remains in the Exchange inbox until Outlook syncronizes folders. The strange part is that the user also recieves mails, sent to distribution lists, but these mails is not delivered to the local inbox, but stays in the Exchange Inbox.


The mail in the Exchange inbox should stay there, until deleted by the user ...


I have 40 other users using the same setup (MacBookPro, iPad, various SmartPhones) and they does not have this problem.


Does anybody know what to do or do I have to reinstall Office 2011 (again, I might add ...)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Microsoft Office 2011, Symantec AV