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Have OSX server (all updates installed) running, mainly for Wiki and Filesharing access.


Added a Calendar so to use Free / Busy times, resources / locations, etc.  Works fine on iPhone & iPad, and OS X (MacBook) but I'm trying to link a user that has a BB Playbook.


In the Accounts section of the BB PB I use Advanced Setup to select a CalDav account.  Where this differs from the iOS / OSX devices is that I'm asked for an email address.  So I enter the users registered email address, all other details as per the iOS devices - but it comes back with that either the server is offline or the settings are incorrect.


Has anyone any advice on how to get round this issue?





Mac mini, OS X Server
  • Cyrus Daboo Level 2 (230 points)

    Do you see any requests from the Playbook hitting your server when you try to configure the account? Look in /var/log/caldavd/access.log.


    Are there separate fields for entering user name and server address? Is your CalDAV server on hosted on a machine with a DNS name that is the same as your email domain (e.g. example.com vs calendar.example.com)?

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    What I can see from the error logs is:


    09:10:29+0000 [Uninitialized] [twistedcaldav.mail.IMAP4DownloadFactory#error] IMAP factory connection failed

    2012-12-11 09:10:59+0000 [-] [mailgateway] 2012-12-11 09:10:59+0000 [Uninitialized] [twistedcaldav.mail.IMAP4DownloadFactory#error] IMAP factory connection failed

    2012-12-11 09:11:29+0000 [-] [mailgateway] 2012-12-11 09:11:29+0000 [Uninitialized] [twistedcaldav.mail.IMAP4DownloadFactory#error] IMAP factory connection failed


    The only things in the access logs are succesful iOS actions.


    My server is a Mac Mini running OSX Server.  It uses a no-ip redirect, which doesn't prove a problem for the iOS / OSX devices.  I have tried accessing via IP address whilst on the LAN as well.


    The setup is such that I am only running Wiki, file sharing and Time Machine.  I added calendar so that we could share events and see what we are all doing without the need to permanently share our iOS / OSX calendars.

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    So it seems the Playbook is not connecting at all. I have never seen a Playbook or come across anyone else using CalDAV on it, so I really don't know what configuration is needed. Technically all you need for OS X server is the user id, password and server host name.

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    Thanks - it would appear that the PlayBook is using a non-standard configuration!


    Every other device just seems to link.  So I try all the defaults - but nothing seems to get it to work.  iPad and iPhone all work first time. Windows Phones will only link to email account calendars (Google / Live), looks like Android will work through various apps.


    Thankfully most users use OS X or iOS devices!


    Will look if I can sync with Google Calendar from the server...