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I faced weak wifi signal problem with my new iPhone 5. Hence i went to the service provider, Singtel  to check the problem and was told after they open up my iPhone that there was no serial no. inside the phone. As such, they  were not able to help me cos mine was a tempered product.





1. I received the new iphone from Singtel by renewing my contract. How would I know the phone was tempered.


2. I was not there when the phone was opened, as they took the phone into their backend room. How would I know if Singtel tempered it themselves?

The chance is low but who knows. Afterall, this is the same logic they gave me, since they say they don't hold responsibility for tempered phone as they won't be sure if I have tempered the phone even though the chance is low. Obviously, I would be real dumb to not expect they would open the device to check if I really wanted to cheat.. And for a corporate phone, it has to be a really desperate person to want to resort this.


3. If I had not observed the wifi signal weakness, I won't have even bothered to go to the service centre. In fact I was still holding on to my iPhone 4 and resisted to switch as all my data was there. I switched only when my singtel cut my iPhone 4 service and i had to activate my iPhone 5.


4. So the thing is, I would be cheated with a tempered product had I not have my weak wifi signal problem. I wonder how many other consumers are cheated.


5. Anyway, I though each device comes with an unique serial number. My iPhone 5 serial was registered in my phone when I activated it. Is it not proof that this is a genuine phone?



I am supposed to be a short changed customer to have to waste my time visiting Singtel for a phone problem and then being told that my phone has been tempered with and hence my warranty for the new phone is void.



I would really appreciate it greatly  if someone could share with me how I should best resolve this. Thanks so much!


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iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Sorry for the grammar errors.. Typed and post too fast from my iPad

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    You don't need to 'open' the iPhone to get the serial number... it can be found under Settings > General > About > Serial Number.

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    Thanks for your advice and taking the time to reply. :)


    Actually, I thought so too that the serial number in my setting would identify my iPhone as a valid apple iPhone. However, the service provider who supply the phone with the plan do not recognise that. They told me that under their policy, if a phone has been tampered with, in this case no serial number inside the iPhone, ( amazingly the iPhone was supplied by them and who would thought of opening up the iPhone to check the components when you purchase it?) , they will not recognise the iPhone.


    So In a nutshell, i went to the technical centre for help in my weak wifi signal problem for a new iphone and ended up being told that my phone which I just received in nov is a tempered iPhone....

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    Sounds like a scam to me.  I don't think they should be opening the phone.  Esaclate it with Singtel.

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    Really? In that case, I am definitely gonna escalate it to Singtel. Wasted so much of my time and energy,... Thanks for your advice.