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This website offers 90 days free telephone support to people in the USA and Canada. Foolishly I figured there would be something similar in the UK. However when I phoned Apple UK for support I was told there wasn't any and to email iTunes support because I had purchsed Motion through the App  Store.


Itunes customer service say they can't help other than to give me a refund which doesn't solve my problem (because I actually want Motion, I just also want it to work properly) and to contact the Developer. The Developer is Apple! So Apple say it's iTunes and iTunes say it's Apple.


So basically there is no 90 day phone or any other tech support for Motion in the UK and I think Apple should make this clear at point of purchase, and since it's saving them money, give us a discount.

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    what issues are you having with Motion?



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    This group may not provide immediate feedback, but I'd say we'd probably give you better help than phone support... and we're free... and we don't expire in 90 days... Bookmark us. 


    Take a look at Motion Help -- it's quite thorough.


    Ask away!

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    Thank you guys, you may well be better than 90 day telephone support but you are less immediate and I needed Motion for work. I just think Apple should tell us up front there is no telephone support if you aren't American.


    So if you want to give it a go the two current problems are both export ones.


    When I export a project, every six seconds a pop up window (that was onscreen for such a fraction of a second I couldn't read it, much less click on it) popped up and knocked me out of whatever I was doing into Finder which is really tough if you are trying to work. This even less funny when you are stuck with it for 6 hours while Motion exports your 40 minute project.


    I eventually filmed and freeze framed it to read it. It was one of those things you get from time to time that wants you to allow incoming communications through your firewall but as it was there such a fraction of a sceond no matter how hard I tried I couldn't click on it. I also couln't find Motion, or it's Export sub program in the Firewall seetings or add the Motion Export sub program to the firewall settings (sorry can't remember it's name) because it isn't in the Applications folder and running a search on it didn't find it either.


    I evenually found an update setting in Motion Preferences that was set to 6 seconds.

    So I changed the setting to every ten minutes and now I only get knocked out of whatever I'm doing every ten minutes.


    The second problem was that my export crashed every time. It didn't crash staright away, it knocked me out of whatever I was doing with it's wretched pop up every six seconds for about 4 hours and then it crashed.

    After about 5 goes, and also after I changed the pop up settings to 10 minutes, I finally managed to export successfully.

    But I'm not in love.


    How can I sort out this pop up issue properly and why is Motion crashing?



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    I've never had any problem with Motion interacting with a firewall. Are you trying to export using Compressor (and Qmaster)?

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    I've had nothing BUT trouble trying to export from Motion.

    I'm using Share Monitor which is the export app that pops up when you export via the Share menu.

    Here is the annoying pop up which is on screen for such a tiny fraction of a second it takes up one frame only of the movie I had to make to see what it said.annoyingpopup.jpg

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    You probably have your Firewall turned on (I don't.)


    Go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy


    Select the Firewall pane and check:

    Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections


    Compressor, Motion and FCPX and a few related services all have network connections they use. You should see them show up in the list on that pane.




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    Yes thank you. I know I have my Firewall turned on, I have reasons for it, and as I did explain above, I have looked at the settings and Share Monitor is not there, nor can I find it to add it.

    I have explained this.


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    The Share Monitor is set up automatically. However, it is using network ports for communication. Check to see you have that permission turned on. It won't affect your security as all the apple applications are signed and trusted.

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    Yes, I'd figured that from reading the pop up, but I can't turn the permission on as it doesn't show up in the security settings in Preferences along with the other applications and I can't add it manually as I can't find the Share Moniter application anywhere on my hard drive.

    I can't do it by clicking on the pop up window as it is only on screen about a 29th of a second and my reflexs aren't that fast.

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    Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy ; click the Firewall option ; at the bottom of the window, click on the lock -- you'll have to enter your password to unlock the pane.


    [I have my firewall off -- but it's turned on in the following images]


    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.45.10 AM.png

    Click on Firewall Options

    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.45.56 AM.png

    Click on Automatically allow...

    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 4.46.11 AM.png


    Click OK -- and lock up (click the lock icon again) before you close the preference pane.  In the image above you can see two threads starting with "Compressor" -- below, scrolled out of sight will be more including one for Motion and one for FCPX (if you have it, and maybe even if you don't have it.)


    If you're using a computer at work or at a school and you don't have the password (or a user account password) get the sysadmin to open it up for you -- Motion is an Apple app and it's a trusted app; there should be no problems getting permission to allow access.


    [I use a firewall in a router instead of on my computer -- this computer is not directly connected to the internet and I have several other computers on a local area network all sharing the one internet connection.]

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    Thank you for going to all that trouble but as I explained above I do know how to do that and I DID do all that before and it didn't solve the issue because the application causing the problem: "Share Monitor" isn't listed and neither can I add it as I can't find the actual application anywhere.


    Motion is set to "Allow Network Connections" and so are those Compressor things you mention (I didn't know those were to do with Motion, but they are there and set to "Allow" so they don't seem to be the problem) it's "Share Monitor" that is the issue.


    Plus the crashing.



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    Then I recommend a re-install. Trash the Motion app (and empty the trash before re-installing). Use Preference Manager (http://www.digitalrebellion.com/prefman/) to trash preferences and go back to the app store, go to the Purchases tab, and click the Install button for Motion (you won't need to re-purchase it). Sometimes strange things happen...

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    No, didn't change anything.

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    You haven't told us everything... 


    I will assume you have a compatible Mac on which to run Motion (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4664). According to your description of your problem, it sounds suspiciously like there is some kind of application or system process conflict. Your problem might not be with Motion, but something else you have running all the time (a startup process) that's network related, like a port watcher (and most likely it's not software from Apple).


    Disconnect your Mac from the internet, turn off the firewall and see if you get the same problems. You can do this very quickly by opening a new project (any kind) and exporting the blank project.