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Hi there,


Sorry if this is very basic,


I'm trying learn garageband, it looks like a great programm, but everytime I try to playback my recordings (just software instruments), It plays a very very slow version of the notes (like in slowmotion)


For example, a 5 seconds recording with 2-3 notes, take 15 seconds to play. I hear the notes much after that red line passes over them.


I haven't really change any options or anything. I've just created a couple a tracks using the on screen keyboard. This must be basic right?


Am I doing something wrong?



GarageBand '09, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Macbook Pro
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    If the tempo during the recording and the playback remained the same, then the recording should stay the same.

    Just keep an eye on the Tempo setting in the LCD Display.


    Also make sure that you don't have any tempo automation set in the Master Track. You will see that in the LCD DIsplay with a little "auto" below the Tempo setting. If you have a automated Tempo changes configured and you record over a section set to 130pbm and then move the Region to a section that is set to 60bpm, then it would play back slower.





    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich



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    Thanks Edgar, I made sure again that the in LCD display, and the tempo Master Track is the same, 120bpm.


    Actually, I tried to use it in my girlfriends macbook and it worked just fine. Without any problem.


    The problem with mine is that it plays every sound, but just not in time, late. It seems like it's having difficulties playing these sounds.


    What should I do, Is there a way to reinstall this program, without paying anything?