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I upgraded to iTunes 11 and now I cannot AirPlay to my Apple TV or my Yamaha AirPlay Enabled receiver from my iTunes on Windows 7 x 64 pc. I am able to airplay from another PC with the same configuration but using iTunes 10.6.x. Here are all the issues I noticed..


  1. Cannot see AirPlay devices on the network (ATV3, ATV2, AV Receiver)
  2. Homesharing has stopped working
  3. Cannot see other Shared Libraries
  4. Cannot Remote Control this iTunes Library from iPhone/iPad


I have tried a whole bunch of tricks, tips and solutions available on these discussions, including reinstalling iTunes, opening ports, disable firewall, static IPs, disable IPv6, restarting PCs, routers, fixing media metadata, NoSleep on ATVs.. I mean you name it.


Also tried the MSCONFIG Trick mentioned here:



I have also noticed that Bonjour logs this error to the Application Events :

Client application registered 2 identical instances of service iTunes_Ctrl_9579407E1BA8B146._dacp._tcp.local. port 3689.



Paid Apple support to get some answers but they are absolutly clueless. They have no idea what is going on and what to fix here. I guess they are too busy fixing the Maps app .


Looks like something is going on with iTunes and Bonjour. I use the Bonjour Discovery app on my iPhone to see if iTunes home sharing is working or not and the app is fantastic.



When you use the app, you can see how home sharing just appears for few minutes and then its gone.


So my last line of defence is this community filled with some awesome brains who can possibly figure out some root cause of this issue. Anyone who figures this out will be the next Apple God LOL and save us all the pain and time.


Thanks all for your help!

Apple TV (3rd generation), Windows 7