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I use a LaCie external hardrive for my Time Machine backup on my iMac..  Since October 24th 2012, my Imac no longer recognizes my LaCie..., and in fact no external hard drive is recognized.  When I open up Time Machine it asks me to set up another Time Capsule.??  Has somethingchanged either in the operating system [OS X 10.7.5] or with iCloud that would be affecting this?  My La Cie turns on and sounds like its working, and I have checked the power supply.

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    Zap the PRAM and Reset the SMC. That should fix it.

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    Hi baltwo and Miacc,



    I also have a LaCie ext HD of 1T and OS 10.7.5. Since Dec 24th 2012 I haven't been able to mount the LaCie disk. I can see it in the Disk Utility but I cannot mounted. I verified the disk and even repaired it but nothing has happened, actually there is nothing wrong with the disk, but it cannot be mounted.


    I did what you suggested baltwo but I'm in the same situation as before. I cannot mount the disk and/or do Time Machine.


    Any suggestions?

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    Cosmicbabs wrote:

    I cannot mount the disk and/or do Time Machine.

    If those recommended solutions don't do the trick, all I can suggest is try it on another computer or contact LaCie.