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Turning on Garageband Airplay turns off audio input so I can't hear my electric guitar via my bluetooth speaker.  I know I can wire my speaker to my ipad but I don't want to.  Any help?

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Same here. I use IPhone 4S and Apogee JAM. I can play through headphones if "Monitor" is set to "ON", but if I switch on Bluetooth and connect to my Logitech/Phillips Sond System, GB freezes up.

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    Did you notice the alert window that Audio inputs are dialed when using Airplay or Bluetooth? This window pops up when you turn Airply - Bluetooth on. So the behavior/restriction is normal





    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich



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    Thanks Edgar!


    ...in fact, I haven't noticed it, because I used to connect to the Bluetooth speakers via system settings. When connecting through system settings, no dialog shows up and returning to Garage Band gives You a "freeze" in the current amp-mode with all dials removed (just showing background "tolex").


    Anyway: If disabling audio inputs is normal, there is no need to look for a fix. Just get an cable instead.


    Does anybody know the reason for this? Possible HF-interferences with the JAM?