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iGeorgeCR Level 1 Level 1

How to get the lastest information about bootcamp for Win8 ? Any twitter ?

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    Win8 is presently unsupported by Apple. We have no idea when or if Apple will provide supported drivers for Win8. Use Win7 instead.

  • grumpynlovinit Level 1 Level 1

    I have Windows 8 Pro running OK on my Macbook Air 2011.  Installed bootcamp support using Win7 compatibility, and everything works.  except....


    every so often the trackpad loses scrolling and double click (right clic).  I think its related to logging into my domain account which doesn't have local admin privileges on the machine.  Or it might be related to connecting to a wireless network, not sure yet.   I've seen other reports on this occuring with other versions of windows, so it's probably not a Win8 issue.


    I usually use a bluetooth mouse, so I don't normally notice the trackpad issue.  Other than that I have no problems and Win8 runs great on my Macbook air.  I love it because I travel a lot for work, use Windows during the day at work, OSX in the evening, and I don't have to carry a massive boat anchor laptop anymore!!