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After a long, unsuccessful bout with my Time Capsule, i decided to sell it, as it was not fitting my exact needs.  However, i am still not able to find how to factory restore the thing.  I have tried everything i knew of, and a few suggestions from others as well. 


During my troubleshooting, i remember there was an option to "set up as new" and i am not finding a way to do that.  I was finally able to connect via ethernet, and i figured out how to delete all data on the disk. 


However, all my settings, passwords, and the name i chose, still remains.  I tried pressing the rest button, but yet, it's still the same time capsule.


What is an easy way to restore it to literally brand new factory settings, so when the new owner turns it on, they'll have the same initial interface i used to get? 


Please help.  I am no guru, so your instructions may have to be dumbed down a bit.  I was very unsuccesful with this device.


Thanks in advance.

Time Capsule