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I noticed this in my Christmas playlist.

The Christmas playlist would only shuffle Christmas albums that I have purchased in the last month or so and added them to the playlist.

But it would not play the exisiting albums/songs in the playlist.


The playlist would not even play by album only the songs indvidually

I noticed that the old songs/albums were dimmed and the check box was not checked.

I remembered that I did not want the Christmas songs showing up in my random playlists during the non-holiday season the rest of the year.

I rechecked those check boxes on the older Christmas albums in the playlist and they were no longer dimmed and  they would now play the album.


After checking all the songs in the playlist it still would not shuffle the older songs only the new songs

I manually recreated the list and still it would not shuffle the older songs only the new songs

Restarted iTunes, reboot. Still not working.

It appears possibly that iTunes may not be reexamining the check box and has them cached somewhere.

I really don't know just a wild guess

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)