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When I try to install the latest update for Motion 5 in the App Store, I get a message saying there was an error installing the update and to try again from the purchases page. When I try to update from the purchases page, I get the exact same error message. Any thoughts on what could be causing this error would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am gettng the same message. I tried deleting the app and then going back into the App Store and still it would not update.

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    Try using Disk Utility and repair permissions on your HD -- something might be locking the installer out from making changes. Use Preference Manager to delete Motion preferences (you can back up the current prefs file first). Delete Motion (you can zip up the current version first just in case.) Then try the purchases page again.

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    I am having this same problem.  The updates to FCP X and Compressor worked fine, but every time I try to update Motion I get the same error message.  I am not too sure about doing the Disk Utility and repair permissions suggestion.  Doing that kind of worries me, and if Apple sends out an update to one of their programs, it should work.


    Kathy N.

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    The problem for me is now solved. I did the disk utility repairing permissions and it didn't make any difference. So what I did was to move the motion 5 application file to a separate disk and then I rejected the disk to make sure that it wouldn't be seen.


    I then went to the application store once more and I was able to click on the install button in the purchases section of the app. All good now and I am using the latest version of Motion 5