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Hi. I have a Macbook Pro that is running on the Mac OS X v. 10.7.4. I started having an issue with my screen saver today. Whenever my computer goes into the screen saver mode, it shows a black-grayish screen even though I have my screen saver set to the Word of the Day one. All the other screen savers work fine, but this one always crashes. When I click on it in system preferences, the entire system preferences program crashes. So, the screen saver cannot be played. Does anyone know if this is an issue in the software on my computer and how I can fix this? Thank you for your help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    This started happening to me this past weekend... screen was going black instead of the Word of the Day. It got worse this morning when mouse movement or keyboard action would not recover from the black screen "saver" an I had to do a hard reboot.


    In 10.7.4 I also experienced a crashing preference pane. It no longer crashes after an update to 10.7.5, but it still does not work.


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    Both my macbook pro & Mac mini seem to have lost the "Word of the day" scrresaver as well.... just get a black screen....

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    same problem here

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    I too can use all other screen savers, just not word of the day.  The screen is blank and a very dark blue color.


    Is this a problem with my system or is an Apple issue?


    My system is 10.7.5 and I am on a Macbook Air 13''.

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    I'm having the same problem under 10.7.5. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, maybe it's a server problem.

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    Same here -- I'm so glad I found this thread. Thank you, thank you!!


    I just reformatted my HD, did a clean LION install, and installed all my software from original sources. The screen saver, however, did not work, even before I put anything else back.


    I'm running LION 10.7.5 on a late 2008 24" iMac.

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    ***? This is the second time word of the day screensaver has stopped working. Why???

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    I've been having this problem too, it's been missing from my MacBook Air and my MacBook Pro for about three weeks.  I reported as a bug to Apple, still no fix or response??  I miss my screensaver

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    It's now 2014 and I am experiencing the same problem that everyone has brought up here. I tried changing the computer date to a week before I started having this problem and the word of the day screensaver was working fine but when I went back to the real date, it wouldn't activate again. Yes, I am attached to my word of the day screensaver and I want it back! Help! How did you guys fix this problem? I'm on Lion 10.7.5 like most of you.

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    I too have the same issue.  I noticed the date of your post. My MacBook Pro 2010 has Lion 10.7.5 also.  Three days ago the word of the day screensaver was working fine, then all of a sudden the screen turned black.  I tried changing the date and got the same results - it was working fine. Going back to the real date and the screen is black.  I have not seen a fix for this problem.  If you discover one, please post.  I really miss the screensaver. 

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    I was away and hadn't noticed, but just checked and, yes, ame issue. The screen saver is still blue and shows only the time -- no word of the day. Oddly, it shows fine in the screensaver preference window.

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    The issue from 2012 recurred? Bummer. I read in other threads that their Word of the Day screensaver just reappeared without them doing anything. It's the same for me on the screensaver preference window. Black.