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I can't close Mail and I can't shut down my MacAir




MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Force quit Mail and then you can shut down the mac.

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    Press command + option + esc keys on the keyboard. Wait.


    When Force Quit window opens up select Mail and click Force Quit button at the bottom.


    Wait. Mail should quit.


    Restart the computer.

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    I used to force quit as had the same problem. But it's just a workaround. Somewhere on the Internet I found a suggestion: clean the list with suspicious* programs which automatically start when you log in.


    Go to System Preferences, and where System is find Users & Groups (Mountain Lion) or sth similar where you set up Users preferences. There find sth where you set Login Preferences (Login Items in M.Lion).

    Delete any item (program) from the list you don't need to start when you log in - you can eliminate them one by one and check if works so you know which one created the problem.

    It worked for me so this is one of the methods, at least.


    * suspicious doesn't mean a trojan. it can be a native program that stopped working properly because of sth.

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    Aside from force quitting as suggested earlier, this solved it for me. (I have no idea why it works)


    1. From the Apple menu bar, select "Mail" then "Preferences"
    2. Select "Accounts"
    3. You should see each of your email accounts that you use Mail for listed individually and will need to take the remaining steps for each one listed.
    4. Select your email account in the left window, and notice the last item on the screen in the right window is the TLS Certificate
    5. Click on the selector next to "TLS Certificate:"
    6. Choose the "com.apple.idms.appleid.prd.xxxx" listing instead of "None"
    7. Quit Mail


    After doing the above, the next time I had Mail open and selected "Shut Down..." while it was opened, it shut down without the shutdown being cancelled by Mail. As this has worked now three days in a row, I'm calling it solved.


    I hope if works for you as well

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    I have a MacBook. The other day I tried sending an Enail to all of my Email recipients and the result was that I received an error message stating that the server could not send my mail. The only problem was that as a result I could not get rid of this message and I could not quit my mail program. The only way I could quit was to force quit. Then the next time I opened the mail program, there was that message and the Email I had tried sending. It would not go away and there was no way of closing it. Even that little red dot to close a program was not available. However, I discovered that by hitting escape, the message finally went away. Now, that little red dot appeared on my original message and I could close it. Problem solved. This may be of some help to some of you out there.

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    I'm signing in specifically to say, this is the first time I've seen this suggested as a solution... and I've just tried it. Sounds just random enough to work. I'll let you know how it goes (and appreciate that you've posted it)!

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    I have also had to force quit Mail the last several times I wanted to restart my computer. Running Mavericks and up to date on all. I checked my settings and have none on all accounts. I restarted this morning into single user and ran fsck -fy and curiously now Mail quits every time. Let's see what happens tonight after a day of hammering the iMac...


    I am finding Mavericks to be about as buggy a release as ever before. Hoping for a stream of updates.

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    Thank you. This fixed my Mail issue!

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    Great! Glad it worked for you too

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    I had this issue and got frustrated having to force quit all the time.

    I usually quit all programs with shortcut keys.


    MAIL now quits everytime if I just click Mail-Quit Mail


    Don't use shortcuts to quit it and it will be fine

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    OMG thank you so much!! Really helped, will keep this in mind