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I bought a Mini display to HDMI cable through amazon about a week ago, At first there was no sound but i read up on a few community posts and realised i had to set my sound and Audio midi options before any sound would pass to the TV.


With all my settings correctly setup Ive been able to connect to my TV using my macbook for a coupe of days and then tonight ive tried to use my cable and i get video but no sound. Ive tested everything to make sure i javent done anything wrong, my midi and sound settings are correct (i get the little speaker beside the HDMI logo in Audio Midi setup), my tv speakers work, ive tried my wifes macbook and nothing has worked. It looks like the cable is broken.


Ive read on the forums that this is a common problem that apple still havent resolved, is this correct? Do macbooks destroy cables quite frequently? If so then is there anywhere i can get cheap HDMI cables from? Any recommendations? Im not paying £9 (cost of cable from amazon, probably mugged off) per week just to watch a couple of programs.


Thanks in advance



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Just so you are aware, all HDMI cables are not created equal, their specs can vary wildly.  Call Apple and ask what the  proper specs should be.  I don't know myself, but one of my video friends told this info, you might want to check it out. I am an audio professional by trade, and am quite awar of cables having impact on performance.  Hope this at least points you in a direction, maybe someone on the forum can shed more light.  All the best