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More and more, apple "Upgrades" also remove extant useful features, or break third party functionality. As an example software update itself allowed to ignore updates for specific packages before mountain lion. With the "improved" app store , this is no longer possible, and with Apple it has almost never be possible to re-install an older version (or install multiple versions of a package).

I'm now regularly asked to upgrade to iTunes 11 which i don't want to... some features were removed such as selecting duplicate items. And off course documentation is never mentioning this. It is written by marketing guys, not techies.

How can I exclude these updates to be proposed.


KISS principle is good to a certain extent only... give power users the power decide for themselves or they will flee to linux or windows !!!

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    Go to iTunes menu -> Preferences -> General, and uncheck "Check Updates Automatically."


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    Actually... on Mountain Lion, The "App Store" application does not honor the setting in iTunes... it still proposes iTunes 11 as an upgrade, and the dock shows there are updates available. App store has no settings/preferences in it's application... but system settings has no feature to contol per application if updates should be shown or not. Typically Apple... don't allow your users to change anything :-(


    This discussion in in the wrong section, it should be in "10.8" but I could not move it.

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    pgoedtkindt wrote:


    Actually... on Mountain Lion, The "App Store" application does not honor the setting in iTunes...

    It has always worked on mine, including Lion and Mountain Lion. Although I have those options unticked in System Preference > Software Updates as well.





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    The fact it does not work on some but works on others says a preference file is likely damaged somewhere. If you are using a utility such as Onyx, or MacKeeper, or Macaroni, they can damage preference files.  Uninstalling MacKeeper is best done following the advice here:


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    I have the same problem here!
    Also, I agree, the app store does NOT honor my itunes selection for "don't check for updates automatically".


    I have accidentally updated itunes a few times now, because of the way the appstore updates are laid out, and have had to go to the effort of downgrading itunes a few times.


    @ abrody

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I have none of the utilities you mentioned [and I know mackeeper is a scam].

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    May pay to open your own thread. This one is six months old and has not gone anywhere in that time. A new thread will attract more help for your individual issue.