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    I did it in these three steps, each with TM

    After reinstalling iTunes 10.7 I get an error about iTunes Library.itl which 'was built in an newer version than iTunes 10.7' (something like this, I don't remenber the exact sentence)


    So, I reinstalled iTunes Library and Extract, Genius which where in the same directory and appeared to have the same date of modification.

    After this, iTunes could work with the 42408 error when I run it ; but I couldn't synchronize my ipod ! It didn't appear in iTunes.


    So I connected to this forum and find and apply the third and last step to retrieve files from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ (thanks to Limnos)


    I had also to restore my ipod (from the resume panel of iTunes)


    Now, all is perfect

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