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I'm new to using Time Machine - I'm making my first backup right now - and I have a few concerns.

So let's say my precious photos are taking up most of my Mac's hard drive space. I back them up with Time Machine on an external hard drive. After that, I want to delete my photos from my Mac because I want more space and my photos are now stored in the external hard drive. I have a few questions about that.


First, does Time Machine's backup system follow the same concept as having extra storage (so would this be a reasonable decision to make)?


Second, if it does, then could I access/open these photos from Time Machine's backup anytime I want?


Third, would I need to use the restore backup function of Time Machine every time I want to open my photos are there alternative ways of accessing my photos, like through opening directory paths to the photos?


Lastly, when the external hard drive becomes full and Time Machine wants to delete my oldest backup files, what can I do to ensure that these photos will never get deleted unless I manually do it? Like, is there a way to lock and secure these files? Or, is it like if these photos are the only copies saved in the backup, I can rest assure that Time Machine will never delete them?



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)