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Am I the only one that thinks bookmark sync in Safari, using iCloud totally *****?


For one thing, it's not intuitive and in fact, very confusing. I've been trying to use bookmark sync between my Macs, iPhone and iPad for over a year now and I still can't for the life of me, get it to work properly or really clearly understand how it functions.


I get duplicate bookmarks on my computers and devices all the time, I've often completely deleted bookmarks by mistake and I edit bookmarks to my liking, only to find they don't sync or show up where they should on other computers. I have to resort to cutting and pasting between collections and bookmarks and still -- I have problems.


I've finally given up. Out of frustration, I now disable iCloud bookmark sync and manually enter bookmarks on each individual computer.


Apple needs to overhaul Safari's bookmark engine completely. It's primitive compared to Firefox and lacks a lot of features that browsers such as Chrome or Firefox have.


One thing I would love to see, would be a "bookmark" category in iCloud, that is a master "bookmark" file in the cloud that could be edited. This is what is downloaded and appears on all your Mac's and devices.


Anyhow, other than that -- love my Mac's and think Apple is doing a great job!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion