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Hi! i have the old iTunes and ive had no problem with it

its just that i always like having the newest of the new. I have seen many people with pure hatrid towards the new iTunes but not exactly sure to figure out why? i do have an iPhone 4 and i will not update to 6.01 because they say that it slows down the phone drastically and i actually like my phone how it is


what are some new features of the new update for iTunes and if so also for iPhone?

MacBook Pro
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    Ask in the iTunes forum area.


    iPhone questions should be asked in the iPhone forum area.












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    It's ok I guess, it's a bit more disorganized than before, Coverflow is gone, likely because it showed the decreasing 3D graphics capability of most portable Mac hardware (only the 15" has decent 3D capability)


    But there is a new album art which doubles as a controller when you mouse over it, else it's just the cover art.


    Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 10.19.30 PM.jpg


    Don't like how I've lost the vertical Column Browser ability

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    There is hatred for it because it is a downright travisty!  You don't want it, trust me.  If you like the newest of the new then you will be very disappointed.  This is like 10 steps backwards.  The UI is very Windows "esk" and is terribly difficult to figure out.  Yes the wonderful coverflow is gone, that is another abomination.  DO not do it, you will regret it, trust me.  I'm trying to figure out how to get iTunes 10.7 back up and running.  I did a google search and it seems millions of customers are downright irate about this iTunes 11.