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iPhone 5, iOS 5
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    It should automatically appear if you were opening Outlook for the first time.  If you had already installed and opened Outlook you should have already completed this when it first ran.  What problem are you trying to solve?


    (Also, you don't have to add an image in your post.  The "Please add the image..." statement is meant to explain how to add an image if you need to, but it's not required.)

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    Thanks!  I am trying to use my new I5 phone as my calendar and contact manager, but want to sinc to my outlook daily or weekly.  My outlook has been set up for years.

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    First be sure you have at least one Contact and one Calendar Event in Outlook.  Then, if you've already been syncing your phone with iTunes but have not yet synced with Outlook, open iTunes and go to Preferences>Devices and click Reset Sync Settings.  Next, connect your phone to iTunes, right-click on the name of your phone on the left side (if you're using iTunes 11, first go to View>Show Sidebar), then go to the Info tab to the right and check both Sync Contacts and Sync Calendars with Outlook.  Then click Apply at the bottom to sync your phone.  You should get a Merge or Replace prompt for contacts and calendars when you sync.  Choose Merge if you want to merge the contacts and calendar on your phone with those in Outlook, click replace if you want the data in Outlook to replace the data on your phone.

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    I'm having an issue syncing my Notes which are on my phone. The above was very helpful, and I followed all the steps, but it did not work for the Notes. (I know you were addressing contacts and calendar, but I figured I'd try.) Any other suggestions?



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    Youc could try going to Settings>iCloud and turning Notes to Off, and when prompted choose to keep the data on your device.  Then turn it back to On, and when prompted choose Merge.  Then see if the notes appear on icloud.com when you check from your computer.


    You could also try creating a new note to see if that syncs to icloud.com.

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    I didn't get the prompt to "keep data on device" or "merge". But the notes are not on icloud. on the phone, the Notes has 3 accounts-All Notes, From my PC, and iCloud, and the only account which has notes is the All Notes and From My PC, so I guess they are not on my iCloud account--even though I have notes checked under iCloud on the Setting.


    thanks anyway.

    btw-how do I star an answer (ie. this helped me)? (I'm new to using the Support Communities.)

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    I think you've discovered the problem.  iCloud will only sync notes in the iCloud account.  Unless you have a way to copy or move the notes on your PC, you will probably have to open your existing notes and copy and past the text into new notes in the iCloud account in order to get them to sync with iCloud.


    Also, only the original poster can mark answers as helpful or having solved thier question.  Thanks for asking though.

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    Thank you. And, correction--"you discovered the problem."  This was very helpful. I will now email the Notes to myself so that i can save them (copy them) to iCloud. (I don't see how else to copy them.) Thank you again for your help.

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    You're welcom.