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I recently updated my iTunes to the newest version and at first I wasn't so sure how to update my iTouch with it, but I quickly figured it out.  Today I was updating my iTouch for the second time with the new iTunes and it wasn't copying the songs I was adding onto my iTouch. I tried several times and still nothing happened. Finally when I tried again, something was happening and I left my iPod attached to my Mac so it could quickly and successfully sync.  When I came back. My mac was off and the music still wasn't on my iPod. I don't know how or why my Mac shut off, but I turned it back on and tried again to sync my iPod.  This time it did sync, but my iPod said I only had 412 songs on it when I previously had 3223 songs! I pressed the sync button on my iTunes and then my iPod said it was syncing my 3,000 songs again! Now all my 3,223 songs are on my iTouch, but most of them are grey and won't play! Can someone help me, please?

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6.0.1