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My Ipod touch is set to manually manage music. I have put music from my computer and iTunes account onto it, and music from other people's computer and iTunes accounts on it. Unfortunately I dropped my iPod and the screen cracked. It still plays music and everything just fine, but it has problems with it's battery life so I'd like to just get a completely new iPod nano. Is there any way I can transfer all the music from my iPod touch onto a new iPod nano? From what I can tell it won't let me sync any of the music on my iPod touch that is from other people's computers onto my laptop, and so I wouldn't be able to put it on a new iPod nano. Hopefully that makes sense. I'd just really really like to be able to keep all that music and not lose 2/3 of my iPod touch music library because I want to put it on a newer Ipod.

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