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lost Roberts VII app after upgrade to OS 6.01

don't want to download 1gig again.

where is the add gone and how do i get it back?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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    If it's in the Apps part of your computer's iTunes library (did you do File > Transfer Purchases before udpating ?) then you can sync it back over to your iPad, otherwise you will need to re-download it (apps themselves aren't included in a backup, just teir content and settings). If it shows as installed in the Purchased tab in the App Store app then have you checked all you homescreens and app folders for it then can you find it via the iPad's spotlight search screen ?

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    hi tks for an answere.

    here is a link where my download is on my computer in full (905mgs)

    c:\documents and settings\thilo\my documents\my music\iTunes\iTunes Media\mobile applictions

    how can i activate it from there and reinstall?

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    I assume that it's in the Apps section of your computer's iTunes library, but if it isn't then you can add it back via File > Add To Library. You can then sync it back to your iPad - I assume that it is the computer that you normally sync your iPad to (?)


    Syncing apps : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1977 (if you have iTunes 11 on your computer then you can enable the left-hand sidebar via control-S on a PC)

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    got it back to my library but it want sync whith my ipad.

    do i have to be connected with the same username and password as i downloaded the software?

    because it ask me to autherise my computer wich I did when i downloaded the programm

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    As long as the account is authorised on your computer's iTunes (which I assume that it must be if you've managed to add it back into its library) then you should be able to sync it. That is the computer that you normally sync the iPad to, so it's got all of your content on it and, if you have any other iTunes accounts which have content on the iPad, then they are also authorised on that iTunes ?

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    i'm logged in to iTune stores with a different account name and it shows me always to buy and not i have downloaded the programm already. Is there a way to autherise my computer? I tryed but can't find in stores to autherise my computer. please let me know step by step how to get there

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    You should be able to authorise the account on that computer via the store drop-down menu at the top of it e.g. on a Mac (a PC should be similar) :

    authorise - iTunes 11.jpg


    If you are on iTunes 11 on a PC then pressing Alt-S should open the Store drop-down menu.


    But if you've managed to add it back into the Apps section of your iTunes library then isn't that account already authorised ?

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    Thanks for all the help. Logged in with the username and password as I downloaded the apps and authorize the computer.now I can sync Roberts VIi with my iPad