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I have Compressor 4.0.6.  What's the latest AppleTraining  book book I can buy.  all I see is in the Apple Training Series is Compressor 3.5.  I need one for 4.  Any suggestions?

Compressor, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You have put your finger on an opportunity for some aspiring compressionist/author. I've previously tried to find a more current tutorial and could not locate one. It's a bit of an odd omission. The good news is that if you become proficient 3.5, you'll be proficient in 4.0 because there aren't that many differences in the versions,


    I actually am a big fan of the user manual. It's better written than most manuals and I'm always encouraging people I interact with to familiarize themselves with at least the first few chapters. That gives them a great start on the terms (which are not so intuitive) and basic workflows.


    Lynda.com has a tutorial on C4 (as well as earlier versions) by Jeff Greenberg. It's good, although it doesn't get into subjects like distributed processing. You can subscribe on a month to month plan; they have tons of tutorials on other software as well.


    Ripple Training is always a good source and they have a video tutorial for purchase @ $30. Larry Jordan has at least one out that compares Compressor to Episode. That's off the top of my head; I'm sure there are others that are good as well.


    Good luck.