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I've been living in Viet Nam for 15 years and in the last 12 months have had my pc die of old age, a pc at work burn out and require new motherboard or something! And then same repaired computer stolen.

Everytime i re download iTunes i'm using up my 5 computer limit, if I install it on my latest work computer it will be number 4. which only leaves me one left for when I return to live in Australia. I've sent a support email to itunes support and recieved a reply accepting that they have my question, but 2 weeks later no response. Does anyone know how to reset my 5 computer limit?



iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Thanks turingtest2,


    Problem solved in about 3 minutes.


    Just for future reference, would it be possible to do this from an iPhone? ( lots of thievery going on here )

    Or could I just log in on someone elses itunes and deauthorize that way?

    I'm worried about someone making a heap of purchases using my stolen computer.



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    To issue the deathorise all command you need to sign to your account from iTunes running on a computer. You also can't use the feature again for a year, though I gather that sometimes the store support staff can reissue it earlier in exceptional circumstances. I would suggest you don't leave your password saved on any of your devices. That way if a device is stolen they might have access to the current content (though in practice they probably wipe for a quick sale) but they won't be able to make new purchases on your line of credit.