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Hello all. decided to clean my old imac G5 non intel by reinstalling tiger and now itunes won't go at all. It launched as expected but when you try to go to the itunes stores it states in the status bar 'connecting' but then nothing happens. Have installed the most recent versions up to 8.2 but in each case it wont work.

I'm thinking there must be a config problem somewhere in itunes. Have deautherised  then reuatherised and am able to sign in, but still no joy any help appreciated - Jimmy

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), occured after os reistall
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    I don't know the iTunes requirements for using the Store but it would not surprise me at all if iTunes 8 no longer works with the iTunes Store.  I know my iTunes 7.5 stopped working with the Store several years ago.  I hear they recently changed how the Store appears in iTunes which suggests they did a software change and probably didn't even consider anybody would still be using iTunes 8.  Apple is pretty fast off the mark for abandoning support for older platforms and I would be surprised if iTunes 8 continued to work with the Store for this long.


    iTunes 9.2.1 (the newest that will run under Tiger but I don't know if even this will still connect to the Store) - http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1056

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    Many thanks Limnos you were spot on as 9.2.1 now works a treat. It appears all previous versions are not for the Apple store. My old Mac has now all I need and since the reinstall of the OS is working a treat.

    Thanks again-Jim