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is there a firewall app for iphone 4S available

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    for a firewall to make sence there have to be something behind it which would otherwise be able to provide a service external clients over the network

    there are no such services on ios devices so a firewall would be pointless

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    thanx for feed back. let me clarify my question a bit. what i should have metioned is security (firewall) when using public or unknown/ mistrusted wifi hotspots. to keep unwanted persons from hacking/seeing/reading my info.

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    I understood what you are saying but you seems to be under a misconception about what it is a firewall does


    a computer can offer services and inputs from other computers across a network those can be things like ftp, web server mail server or sql server or....

    if such features are turned on and one have no firewall everybody can access them unless of cause the ports they rely on are blocked by the carrier


    ios devices offer no such services so there is no way in for people on mistrusted wifi hotspots or ..

    even the script kiddies denail of service attacks would not because there are no services to attempt to access


    so basicly having a firewall would be like you never connecting your computer to the internet and never using external media and yet feel you needed a virus scanner