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    I'm having the same issue. I could comment about how I syncing in one direction, from a PC (that doesnt have a camera) to an iPhone (device that takes pictures), seems to be less than intelligent.

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    I stumbled upon a solution. I removed the Apple Mobile Device USB driver , stopped all apple services and processes, reconnected my iphone, had it find the driver, and now I see my iphone as a storage device. Windows 8 Pro, iphone 5S.

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    i did what this web page told me to do and it worked for me and after you get it to work apple told me to makre sure i click the little black arow to disconect the phone dont just unplug it


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    I know how to repair this thing! after reading all these stuff on the internet for long HOURS. I finally came up with a solution! here is my solution:


    if you're a windows user:


         *do these steps without connecting your device on your computer.    


    1. Go to "Uninstall a Program"

    2. Uninstall ALL Apple programs you see. (Apple Mobile Device, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Application Support, etc.)

    3. Download a new iTunes program on the Apple website.

    4. Install the downloaded iTunes.


         *once it's installed, run the program and connect your device. and finally your device can be recognized.


    I hope this helps!

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    I now have this problem on both of my computers.  One is Windows 7 and the other is 8.1.  I can no longer see my iphone on either computer and this started today on both machines.  The last time I accessed them via Windows Explorer was Friday and it worked fine.


    Since the most recent update I have learned to hate my iPhone.  It's times like this that I really wish they'd put a freaking SD reader in like the vast majority of other smart phones.

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    I had a similar issue with my iPhone 5 running iOS8. Often times this is an issue with iTunes and the Apple Mobile Device Support applications for Windows. I fixed the issue quite easily by simply right clicking on the Windows button in the bottom left of the screen (Windows 8.1), selecting Programs and Features (which you could also access through Control Panel), clicking on Apple Mobile Device Support, and selecting the Repair option. This originally did not do the trick, however, if you also click on iTunes (within the same list within Programs and Features) and Repair it as well, you problem should be resolved.


    Hope this helps. It is the way I fix many iOS-Windows communication issues and it tends to work every time.

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    You do not have to uninstall all the programs under normal circumstances. In most cases, selecting the Repair option in Programs and Features instead of the Uninstall option will fix your problem with less hassle.


    Hope it helps.

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    iPhone is back up and running! Thank you!

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