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Forgive me if this has already been asked.


What I need clarification on is


Here is my scenario.

I have Photo Stream enabled on all my devices(iphone, ipad & iMac)

When i take a picture it goes in to photo stream album on all devices(which essentially means the photos are in the cloud)

In iPhoto, there is a album called xxxx 2012 photo stream where xxxx is the month.

So is it safe to say that the photos are stored in my iPhoto library in the monthly photo stream album only?

Or do I have to turn on the automatic download setting in iPhoto to have the photos saved in iPhoto library?


This where I am getting confused. Given the above scenario where the photos are only in the photo stream is it possible they could be lost if for some reason all the photos in the photo stream get deleted?


I guess my main question is are the photos in photo stream just sitting in the cloud until I manually move them into my iPhoto library.  I just took a picture with iPhone and the picture is in Photo Stream and camera roll.  So if in camera roll does that mean the photo will be saved to permanent location in iPhoto.


As you can see I am quite confused with workflow when using Photo Stream.  Apple has made the process very convaluded.


Thanks and I look forward to your reply.



iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)