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  • coxorange Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    So far so good:

    DanW98 wrote:


    So it seems to have worked.  Here's what I did:

    1. I switched to the Vacation library.
    2. I selected the first image in the library and exported just that one image as a separate library, called "Single Photo"
    3. I imported that "Single Photo" back into the Vacation library.  This will create a new project for just that photo.

    In step 3 (before importing) I get this dialog:


    "Do you want to merge “Single Photo”?

    If you merge, all matching items will be updated and other items will be copied to the current library. If you add, all items will be copied to the current library."


    What did you do here?

  • Bob Worthingham Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)


    I just went through this whole thing too.

    I selected ADD and Aperture created a new Project at the bottom of the list.  You can rebame it later if you want,

    Hope it work out for you too.



  • coxorange Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Thanks Bob!


    I tried it until the end, but it didn't work. Then I read the instructions again:


    DanW98 wrote:


    4. I moved it adjacent to the original photo in the first day's project.  Thus, two originals now exist side-by-side.


    Could it be that DanW98 didn't mean the photos per se, but the photos which represent the projects?

    I tried this and it worked! Thanks again for your help.

  • DanW98 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Leonie did help a lot.  You have to have the same Aperture versions before you export the secondary library.


    I had exported the entire library of vacation photos from my macbook into an exported library.  I put it onto my main Mac and switched to it in Aperture.  This was the crux of the problem.  Aperture wouldn't let me import the photos.  It would only let me switch to the other library.  Looking at it, I had several projects within the library (Day 1, Day 2, Dive 1, Dive 2, etc...).  With the first project, I selected the first photo and exported it to the desktop and then reimported it back into aperture.  It'll create a new project next to "Day 1," "Day 2." etc....  I then moved that single photo into the project from which it came.  Thus, when looking at "Day 1," the first photo is duplicated.  I saved it and switched back to the Aperture main library.  For whatever reason, I was able to then import the entire vacation library.  Adding a photo must change some aspect of the new library that makes it compatible with your main Aperture library.


    It's clearly a bug.  Hopefully they'll fix it in the next update. 



  • DanW98 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I believe that I moved the newly imported photo so that it was located next to it's original in the same project.


    The original was a RAW and the export was a JPEG.  Dunno if this makes a difference.



  • coxorange Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Thanks for this more detailed information. One note:


    DanW98 wrote:


    I had exported the entire library of vacation photos
    from my macbook into an exported library.


    How did you do that? Select all projects, then export?

    Why do you think it's necessary at all to export the library as a new library? This procedure takes time.

    Why not just copy the "Aperture Library.aplibrary" to your main Mac? (and maybe rename it)

  • DanW98 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I took the photos from each day on my vacation and created a different project for each day.  They were all located within a folder called "Galapagos Islands."  The individual islands I visited had a project assigned to them.


    I had been editing them in the early AM and late afternoon while on my vacation.  I had made many many corrections to the RAW images that I wanted to keep.  I wanted to move just the folder containing the Galapagos photos onto my main Mac for further editing, uploading, facebooking, etc.  I didn't do any of that kind of stuff from my laptop.


    It made sense to just take the 70GB of photos off of my laptop en masse.  Exporting the entire folder as a new library (Rt click the folder, Export-->Export folder as a new library) was an easy way of doing this.  I had no idea that it would fail to import on my main mac.  I didn't need to move the rest of the photos off of my Macbook.


    I had done this several times before on different vacations.  Something in the newer version of Aperture caused the jam.


    Either way, I just had to use the fairly simple albeit non-intuitive workaround once, and the library imported.



  • Bob Worthingham Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)

    This problem has NOT been resolved in Ap 3.4.4

  • Clem Level 3 Level 3 (655 points)



    This error you are getting is seen when you are inside a project while also in the main Projects view.  Try instead to select the project itself in the source list, then choose File/Export/Library.

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