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on my macbook air i have a partition for boot camp and windows 7 pro is installed on it. today i decided to install autodesk maya mac version on my mac which really has nothing to do with windows or boot camp ,but after installation was done ,when i was going to install the network license manager , the computer had to restart to finish the installation process,instead of booting in mac it booted in windows and when i tried to restarted and keep it in mac ,it didn't let me to stay in mac for more than 2 seconds and started the booting process again by itself and took me back to windows again.


this process went on and on ,no matter what i do ,it does not let me stay in mac .Even i decided to get rid of the bootcamp and windows altogether and say **** with it (as i did 8 years ago) but it does not let meenogh time to do this and get rid of that .I really have no idea what else to do .i did google the problem ,but obviously nobody else had this kind of problem ,so google was no help.please help me in this matter and let me know what i can do .I have no prblem of uninstalling  the bootcamp ,if no other option is left .


MacBook Air (13-inch Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Press X key while your Mac is starting to boot into OS X. Can you start into OS X?

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    Hi mende1


    thank you for that quick respond.


    yes i can start into osx . but as i mentioned i just let me stay there  only 2 seconds , and after that restarts by itself.


    i just noticed that may be safari is the cause of all this . i just changed the startup disk ,and now mac is the start up disk ,but again after 2 seconds the rebooting process starts automatically and does not let me do anything .

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    Press Command and R keys while your Mac is starting, open Disk Utility, select Macintosh HD in the sidebar and verify the disk. If there's an error, repair the disk

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    just did what asked me to do.it says the volume appears to be ok.


    i decided to check the permissions on the disk also and this is what i got.


    warning:SUID file "system/library/core services/remote management/ARDAgent.app/contents/macos/ARDAgent" has been modified and will not be repaired.


    i have no idea what is this and what i can do about it.

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    It's not the problem. You can ignore this permission. Press Command and R keys while your Mac is starting and reinstall OS X

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    if i do this ,will i lose all my files and applications ?

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    You won't lose data

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    it is doing it and i have an hour and 20 minutes to go,i will let you know as soon as it finishes up.


    you been a great help , talk to you soon.

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    unblievable ,still is doing the same thing .just restarts and restarts and it does not stay enough in any situation to let me do anything . i was planning to go ahead and may be uninstall the boot camp but it does not stay there long enough and goes thru the process of rebooting again.


    what else can i do about it.