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Hello, please help to solve a problem with my iphone5!

I live in Russia, in bought the phone on for full price. I bought a SIM-card MTS, will scale network and phone suddenly asks activation Sprint!

Seller is not warned that the phone will not work in Russia!

Wrote in Sprint, they wrote that will help to to set up my iphone5 in the Apple.com

What to do? Shall I lost the my money 700 $ + Tax 57.74?


I hope for your help, Zoe.

my mail : svr0039@gmail.com

iPhone 5
  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,405 points)

    Sprint phones are not unlocked. They will not unlock the SIM slot if you are not a Sprint customer.


    You bought the wrong phone.  Sell it to someone in the U.S. who can use it on Sprint.

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    How can I sell it in the US. If I live in Russia.

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    severdim77 wrote:

    How can I sell it in the US. If I live in Russia.


    Good point...most likely not much demand for an iPhone 5, in Russia, that will only activate on Sprint's network in the US. You really don't have any good options...the best being to return it for a refund. Perhaps you'll find a "hacker", in Russia, that will want it.


    Good luck.

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    I called the U.S. operator Sprint and they told me that it is necessary to contact the company apple

    to customize your phone!

    I write an email support@apple.com but no one answered: (

    I called the operator Sprint they say that I have no account at Sprint and I am not their client and the they can not help me, write to apple

    just me, no one answers (

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,405 points)

    Whoever told you to call Apple was misinformed. Apple can not do anything for you. Only Sprint has the authority to unlock the SIM slot. You are not a Sprint customer, therefore, they will not do so. As you've already been told, you can not use that phone.