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I just downloaded Pages & Open Word onto my iPad because I want to be able to load my recipes from my iMac onto my iPad to use in my kitchen.  When I try to use iTunes to transfer the files, neither app shows up as working with file sharing.  What am I doing wrong?  What app can I use to get these files from my desktop to my iPad?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have Pages and file sharing is file sharing so step by step....


    • Connect the iPad to your Mac
    • Launch iTunes.
    • Click on your iPad name under the devices heading on the left sidebar of iTunes. If you are using iTunes 11 and don't see the sidebar go to View>Show sidebar.
    • Click on the Apps Tab at the top of the iTunes window on the right.
    • Scroll down to File Sharing Apps


    Do you see Pages in that list of Apps?

    If you do - click on it.


    • Now drag any of your Pages files from the desktop into the file sharing window on the right.
    • Launch Pages on the iPad.
    • In thumbnail view - Tap the + sign in the the upper left corner
    • From the popup window select - Copy from iTunes.
    • From the next window - select the file that you just dragged into the file sharing window.
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    This did not solve my problem.  I have restarted both my iPad and my desktop and gone through this routine 3 times now and it is not working.

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    I transferred purchases to iTunes.  Now it show up.  When I click on it nothing happens.

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    OK. I and no idea that Pages wasn't in iTunes. You said it doesn't show as a file sharing app, but that was part of the problem


    So now you can see the Pages app in the file sharing apps window? That's the way you are making it sound. If you do see it - click on it to select it. Now I'm talking about the file sharing apps window - not the list of all of your apps.

    If you click on Pages in order to select it - drag a Pges file into the window next to it.



    Can you do that?

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    I do not see an Apps tab at the top of my iTunes.  My computer indicates my iTunes software is up to date.

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    Click on the iPad name under the Devices heading on the left side bar of iTunes.


    My iPad's name is Demo's iPad. After I click on the device name - all of the iTunes sections/tabs appear at the top of the screen. This is iTunes 11 - the newest version.


    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.49.55 PM.png

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    You're quite welcome.