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Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

Is anyone else seeing that their Nikon D600 raw files stink in Aperture? I realize that Apple backwards engineers Raw support but if I look at a file from my D600 on Aperture and Capture NX2, the difference is 10-fold. I can see detail in the shadows in the NX2 conversion and nothing but black in the Aperture conversion. I have never seen this much of a disparity and I have used well over a dozen different DSLR's. I am curious if anyone else is seeing this? I mean in one image I can see a staircase in the NX2 conversion and nothing but black in Aperture?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 16GB Ram
  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

    No, that's not it at all. I am well aware of how in-camera post processing can effect the JPEG preview. As such, I do not use Active-D and my PP (Nikon's Picture Control) is set to Neutral all to give me the most realistic JPEG histogram as possible vs the actual RAW file. Again, I have shot several different DSLRs over the years and I started using Aperture @ v1.0 in 2006. In terms of post-processing, I can't even figure out how to get the "original" preview of the image Aperture shows me before it simply crushes the blacks. However, my point is that if I compare same Raw file in NX2 and in Aperture, with NO processing applied, there is a very, very, big difference. More than I have ever seen with any other camera. My question is if anyone else is seeing this? Do you Léonie shoot with a D600?

  • funkcanna Level 1 (5 points)

    I am having the same issues with my Nikon D4.  I shoot Neutral and the image looks great in camera, then import into Aperture and it STILL looks great - until I click the thumbnail and it says "loading".  After this point the image seems to lose dynamic range and the white balance seems to change.  Ive been using Aperture since I got my MBP Retina because Lightroom didnt (until now) support Retina.  I really like the interface Aperture provides and I enjoy using it, but I shoot professionally and I simply cannot continue to use Aperture when it is destroying my images as I do not have the time to figure out how to fix them when I have client deadlines.


    In Lightroom, similar changes are made to my images but I can completely correct them by changing the camera calibration settings to Neutral.  Aperture doesnt have this feature so my images get ruined.


    I really hope Apple sort this out as at this point, its making me switch back to Lightroom.

  • William Lloyd Level 7 (21,030 points)

    "Neutral" on the camera means nothing.  Those control the JPEG previews only and do not affect RAW files.


    A common cause of dark photos is if you use a setting like "preserve highlights" on camera.  I don't know what it's called on the Nikon, but on the Canon I think it's "highlight tone priority."  You should disable that to get properly rendered RAW files in Aperture.

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

    "Neutral" on the camera means nothing.  Those control the JPEG previews only and do not affect RAW files.

    Yes I know. However, that JPEG preview is what you see on the back of the camera so having all parameters set to as little post-processing as possible will help give you a more accurate preview of the Raw file. I will give you some more background... Our first DSLR was a Canon 10D. This was before Aperture v1.0. We moved to a 20D, a 30D, a 40D, switched to Nikon and used a D80, 90, 300, 300s, 7000, and 600. I have photographers whose files I process that included Fuji (yikes!), Canon 7D, 5D, & 5DMII. Haven't had a Sony camera yet. I started with Aperture v1 and am now using the latest Aperture release. I have a very good understanding of the process.


    @ funkcanna, thanks. I haven't used a D4 but it is good to hear I am not going crazy! Yes, the files just go to crap when you click on one. I too hope this is not a sign of things to come... I really don't like Lightroom but for now, I have no choice.

  • alice_srq Level 1 (15 points)

    I was very happy to see this thread because I'm having similar issues with the Nikon D7000. It was really starting to bug me and I  thought it was related to upgrades. I'm also playing with a Sony Nex F3 these days and this thread sent me to those pictures to see if the same phenomena happens.  It does not happen with the Sony.  Using RAW images in both instances.

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

    Just as a follow up, I suggest anyone who is having issues with the Aperture Raw conversion engine to send Feedback to Apple:



    I have offered to send Apple any number of examples but of course I am unlikely to hear a response. At this point, I am forced to use Lightroom and I really don't see why people like that program!! But I can a decent Raw conversion from my D600 files.

  • alice_srq Level 1 (15 points)

    Thanks for this link, Mike. I have sent a Feedback message.

  • alice_srq Level 1 (15 points)

    Hi Mike - Following up on this problem:  I was able to reinstall Aperture 3.3.2 from my Time Machine and I chose a mid-October date.  The 3.4 upgrade came out in November and that's when I began to notice the issues with the severe darkening.  Going back in time seems to have gotten rid of the severe darkening.  There is still some change when it goes from "loading" to presentation but I think that has always been the case.  However, the absolute pall of darkness that was appearing is gone.


    If you have Time Machine you might want to try the same thing.  I'd be curious to hear from others who can do this "work-around".  Fortunately I do not have too many photos from November and December to re-load and since I use referenced files it will be a relatively easy task.


    Best of luck. ---  Alice

  • alice_srq Level 1 (15 points)

    Okay, scratch the idea about re-installing Aperture 3.3.2.  It was effective for a while but the darkening problem has returned.  Very odd.  Think I'll have a look at Lightroom.

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

    Yeah, I really, really wished Apple would at the very least acknowledge that they are aware of the issue and working towards a solution. However, I am afraid that LR might be the only answer. But Apple has been in a Professional downward spiral (maybe if we called Aperture iAperture it might garnish some attention) and I don't see that changing any time soon (all the money is in the iPhone/iPad). The best we can do is send our feedback to Apple and pray. Maybe with any luck, Apple will simply sell off the professional software division and hopefully someone can pick it up that cares about it.

  • Lonewolfjustin2105 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm debating jumping over to Lightroom because as you say, "all the money is in the iPhone/iPad"  I am downloading a trial this weekend to see if I like it.  But I have a gut feeling that Aperture has been thrown on the backburners and won't continue to grow with technology.  I could be completely wrong, but that is the feeling I am getting.  As for the darkening of photos or problems with RAW files from the Nikon D600 I haven't noticed any real problems.  The only thing that is confusing me is when I touch my brightness adjustment but leave it at 0 my photo jumps quite a bit in brightness.  I have to lower the brightness just to get it back to where it was before it was at 0, if that makes sense.  The thing that is really making me hesitant on moving to Lightroom is losing Faces and the compatibility with all the other apple products (iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, etc...)

  • Bob Piskac Level 1 (20 points)

    I talked to Apple. They said that the preview is the jpeg view. When you click on thumbnail, the raw file is loaded. They said the dark photo is my fault not the software. I am going to load the Nikon software to see if that works better.

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 (3,535 points)

    I told Apple I would be happy to send them my files for verification. I will send the Raw file as well as the "standard" (no adjustments applied) conversion to JPEG from Lightroom & NX2. There is simply no comparison. The Aperture conversion crushes the shadows. The loss of dynamic range is huge. Of course no one from Apple has asked for my files. Only until enough of us leave feedback will Apple act on this. As far as using Lightroom, yes, I have started using it to obtain a decent conversion.... but OMG, I much prefer Aperture.

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