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Aperture sharing to facebook is becoming worse and worse... Initially it was missing out some of the photos in the album but now it simply crashes every time I try to upload anything on to Facebook. I am using Aperture 3.4.3. Anyone has had these issues and have some suggestions?


Many thanks.

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    Did this happen directly after upgrading to Aperture 3.4.3?


    The problem with the Aperture 3.4 update is, that in some cases it did not install the correct "Account Configuration" plug-in, and so the FaceBook publisher plug-in will not work. This is supposed to be fixed  by installing the update 3.4.1 update, but if you directly upgraded to 3.4.3 you might have missed the bug fix with the 3.4.1 update. When you look at your crash log - does the crashed thread contain calls to the "FacebookPublisher"? Then it probably will help to reinstall Aperture from the original media, as described in this support article:


    Aperture 3.4: May quit unexpectedly on launch after updating