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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on an early 2012 Macbook Pro. When I plug in my new LaCie Rugged 1TB external drive to the thunderbolt port, my wifi is disabled.

The drive shows up and works correctly, but no wifi. If I reboot in Mac OS, the wifi is works fine. I only use Windows however and this drive is for Lightroom storage, and I need wifi. I have seen many posts where users have found an external display connected to the thunderbolt port (using Mac OS) disables wifi and the solution was to change the  wireless channel in the wifi utility. I have tried every channel on my Airport Extreme with no success. Very strange that I can get wifi with external drive connected using Mac OS but not in Boot Camp. I need this drive connected to the thunderbolt port to free up the USB ports for my card readers and other drives. The wifi is fine as long as I don't use the thunderbolt port, so this issue is isolated to the thunderbolt port and Boot Camp. Any suggestions, please?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7