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I have an apple tv March 2012 and June 2012 macbook pro how do you turn off the apple remote support on the macbook pro? Everytime I use the remote and the apple tv and my mac is on the remote keeps going into my itunes on my mac.

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    On your MacBook Pro, go to System Preferences...>Security and Privacy>Privacy>Advanced and "Disable remote control infrared receiver."

    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at  Dec 11, 2012 18.35.22 .png


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    but what if you use the remote for your imac, and the apple tv remote for tv.  Can you call out which of the 2 IR remote should work for the correct device?

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    In that case, I believe that you will have to get another remote, or use the "Remote" App if you have an iPhone, or iPad.


    Another remote will cost $20 or less and the Remote App is free.


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    I am so happy that I found out how to turn off the remote on my macbook pro! This has been so annoying for months until I decided to google it! Thank you so much for this information!!!!!

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    I have a second remote.  The original that came with my mac (which Iike to use for music on my imac) and the one that comes with apple TV.  Sounds like you can't distinguish between remotes, correct?

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    I don't have two remotes, so can't fully confirm if it works properly or not, but there is a "pair" function. As can be seen in the image, it says "Unpair" under the option "Disable remote control IR receiver". This is because Ferd II must have one paired.


    However, it normally says "Pair...". If you click that, it will tell you how to pair the remote. You can then pair which remote you want to your iMac.


    The issue is, until you do that, it states under the option for disabling the IP receiver "This computer will work with any available remote.". Of course this isn't always ideal.


    Then, on your Apple TV > Settings > General > Remotes, you can pair the remaining remotes.


    To answer your question simply, it seems like yes, you can distinguish between remotes.

    Like I said, can't say how well it works as I haven't got two remotes so haven't distinguished between them as such. But don't see why it shouldn't work like a charm!

    Although I wouldn't have known about this if it wasn't for the genuis of Ferd II!! THANKS SO MUCH FERD II!

    This has been driving me crazy ever since I got my Apple TV and searching came up fruitless until now!

    (P.S. Awesome name PokémonFan! YAY FOR POKÉMON! )

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    Thank you for this! Super quick fix. This has been driving me nuts every time I'm at someone else's house who have Apple TV.

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    Worked a dream, thank you. Been driving me nuts.

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    Excellent suggestion, fixed the problem. However, this has made another, more annoying problem for me.


    Since I disabled the remote on my Macbook Pro, my other (non-apple) remotes have stopped working.


    E.g. 1 - I have small pop-up bluetooth speakers, which will play music from my iPad, but will no longer change the track or pause the song.

    E.g. 2 - I have a bluetooth headset in my car, which my phone will connect to and I can answer calls from my touch screen, but I cannot answer or end calls anymore using the headset itself.


    Is there a way to fix these on the iPad/iPhone? I tried re-enabling the remote on my Macbook Pro, but this hasn't helped



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