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  • James Thomson Level 1 Level 1

    Hi kilima:


    Thank you for this explanation.  It all makes sense.  My response to Apple is that the "No Results" box is very poorly designed.  It looks like they intended the "no results" message to be heeded if there are no over lying grey bars with "see results in etc."  But the user should not be shown a huge message "NO RESULTS" when it is not true and when it is visually overbearing to the "grey bar" with location of the results.  This should be tweaked as it is not user friendly.


    Thanks for clearing all this up though, much appreciate the time you took.


  • kilima Level 3 Level 3

    Thanks James.

    And my conclusion precisely. I missed that grey bar completely the first couple of times it came up.

  • tfasimusic Level 1 Level 1

    That was a bunch of gobbly gupe.

  • white_shadow Level 1 Level 1

    You can have it listed in search.  This works for me.  Click on the Artist view pane.  Then type the artist name in the search box.  Ignore the Spolight-style pop-up that appears below and intead just press Enter/Return.  Then it will list anything with that Artist name.  Even compilations, Various Artsists etc, as long as the correct name is in the "Artist" field for that track.


    I didn't read all these posts; too many.  But hope this helps.  I was going nuts with that feature too.  Just needs some trial and error.

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