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So, i am starting university in september and i am defiantly buying a macbook, but which one is my problem. so im going into the arts (major-drama minor-education) so there will be lots of notes, and powerpoints etc. i am not much into photo editing and if i do, its done on my iphone already. i do not what so ever play and video games. so from my research, the macbook air 13" is perfect for me? is my research correct? money is not a problem for me and i was looking at the MacBook Air 13-inch with 8GB of memory, 2.0GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i7, and 512GB flash storage which would cost $2,100. which is the price of a macbook pro. but i wont use any of the applications that the pro has to offer...

so please just let me know your thoughts on this.

thank you