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so i currently have the 2008 macbook and it has been running extremely slowly and shutting itself down quite a bit. i go off to university next year and i plan to buy the 15 inch retina macbook. other than the $100 to the app store or whatever it is that apple decides to give to students in june/july this year. is there any other reason to hold off on buying my new computer? i am starting to get really irritated with my current mac. it seems like the 15 inch retina just came out so im not really expecting a new update or anything like that. i can't think of a reason to hold off.


am i missing something?


Thank You


MacBook Pro with Retina display
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    You can always wait to buy one when a new moel comes out.


    You say "I am starting to get really irriated with my current mac".  If that irritation extends to making it unusable, I would say you need a new one.


    But only you can decide when "want" becomes "need".


    Only Apple knows what Apple will do, and no advice that posters are allowed to give will tell you exactly when a new model appears.

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    Basically... Make sure you have enough Free Hard Drive space for your Mac to Perform as expected...


    Rule of thumb is about 25 GB +

    samf55 wrote:


    so i currently have the 2008 macbook and it has been running extremely slowly...


    This is what Apple has to say.





    ds store  >  Why is my computer slow?



    Thomas A Reed  >  Mac Performance Guide

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    samf55 wrote:


    ... am i missing something?


    No, except that the $100 you think may be offered may not be. I don't recall it being offered for a while and there is no guarantee it will return.

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    Good answer from AnaMusic ... try to find out the source of problem.

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    i have 24 gbs of storage free on my mac so im going to clear a little more space out. i think a lot of it has to do with just getting a little old i dont think it has the RAM to keep up with everything i want to do. i took it to an apple store to find out how much it would cost to have it upgraded with more RAM and it just didnt seem worth it know that i was going to be buying a new one soon. my question is more whether there is an outstanding reason i should be waiting until the end of the school year to buy my computer as apposed to Feb or March

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    Congress is playing the shell game with taxes and other fairly important things.


    My humble opinion is to keep good backups (every day, if you think it is too old) and save up so the purchase of a new system when needed it less of a sting.


    My humble opinion.

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    If you are happy with your current Mac and it does all you desire... then consider installing more RAM yourself...


    Quite easy to do...


    MacBook  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1651



    For best performance, fill both memory slots, installing an equal memory module in each slot.


    It is Important to get the Correct and Matching RAM



    Apple are known to charge a premium price... See here for purchasing RAM ...





    That site also has videos on how to Install RAM should you need it...