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I must be getting stupid.


Now I've downloaded iTunes 11 and I'm slowly getting around the new interface but maybe I'm dumb but but I can't figure this out.


Simply put I want to add a song to my already created Playlists.


In the old iTunes you'd click Music then scroll down to find the song and then drag it into your playlist. Simple.


Now I can't do that - up on the top left I have a pull down menu and I select Music but then it simply lists all the playlists including Purchased - the problem is some of my songs were imported from other albums. So now I can't simply click Music and see all my songs in one long list and drag into a playlist - sure I can find the song - right click and add it but what a pain!


So either I'm stupid or Apple is really frustrating people with their updates that have screwed up great software - example the Podcast App means that while you are driving and are listening via a input plug into my car sound system -  if I get a phone call then the podcast stops (that's good) and then when the call finishes - I have to fiddle with the **** iPhone, find the Podcast app and press play. In the old iTunes system it just started playing again from the place it paused. Like it still does with music but no - not Podcasts


If anyone can answer these questions I'd love to know how to do them cause I've been using Apple products for around 7 years and it's really frustrating how great things go backward.





MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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