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Most of us have the experience of computer run into error,such as bootmgr is missing. The most common reasons for BOOTMGR errors include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive sectors, an outdated BIOS, and damaged or loose hard drive interface cables. Hard drive failure is another frequent error,it is arouse by physical damage or logical error. Once this problem occurs to you, any data stores in it would be in danger.  If you want to Fix Bootmgr Error by yourself. These following steps may be available for you to deal with the problem. Step one. Burn a rescue boot disc or USB drive. You need to download Fix Genius and install it  into a computer ,then insert the CD/USB and run the program to burn it . Step two. boot your computer from CD/USB Enter into the BIOS and change the Boot Device Priority ,then save the changes and exit. Step three.Fix "Bootmgr is missing" or "Hard Drive Failure" Insert the CD/USB then you will enter into the WinPE system, and click the Fix Genius icon there on the desktop. After run up the program, config the parameter according to your problem. This rescuing process would last within minutes. It is the best one I can find among the solutions. As the time past, it is a time information refresh very quickly, Maybe there is a better one for you to fix bootmgr is corrupted and Hard drive failure if you have time to search online. please let me know if you find it, I will be glad with you.