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Hi, can anybody help me with home directory on Mac OS X 10.8 in Active Directory enviroment?


I have a WIndows 2008R2 server running Active Directory and a Mac OS X Mountain Lion server with is running Open Directory and all other apple services.

I have bound this servers together in Magic Triangle. Clients can connect when the home dir is set in AD on windows system. But I need to change the home directory to the Mac server, while on windows are some problems and this is the problem. It doesn't go. I have try to extend the home folder sharing to SMB, Windows system can connect, but the Mac client can't. I try to make NFS share and give it to the user, but there wasn't possible. So I try to make Augmented user, but no change when I add the NFS Home. So I try to extend Active Directory schema. I have there some possibilities to change, and there is the NFS home too, but no work. I have read that in OS X Server app i can set there Home directory for AD users too but isn't posssible. All is gray and this option isn't there.


Please help me. I need to give it to work for my office.



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